A standard Ecommerce tracking setup within Matomo collects and reports on both individual and aggregate transaction data.

Within the reports, you can benefit from the following metrics:

  • Ecommerce Orders – Keep track of the total number of website sales in aggregate, or over specific periods.
  • Products Purchased – You can track the number of products that have been purchased within your total orders. It is also possible to break this down further with the Products report to get detailed statistics.
  • Total Revenue – The amount of revenue generated from your sales (including tax, shipping, and subtracted discounts). See how much you’ve made within specific periods at a glance.
  • Subtotals – The order subtotal, excluding shipping and tax. This can help you get a better understanding of your sales revenue without having to account for varying regional and international charges.
  • Tax – The total amount of tax charged on all sales. Tracking or excluding this value can help you to understand your pre-tax and post-tax profits across your website.
  • Shipping – The total shipping costs charged on all sales. When plotted against revenue, you can work out the effectiveness of free shipping offers.
  • Discounts – The total discount applied to all sales. This helps to quantify the effective marketing costs of discount campaigns.
  • Average Order Value (AOV) – This is calculated from the total revenue divided by the total number of orders. It can be a useful metric to help you design and track the efficiency of campaigns to increase the value of your orders and ultimately increase revenue.
  • Ecommerce Orders Conversion Rate – This tells you what percentage of people that visit your website make a purchase. For an ecommerce focused website, this is likely to be one of your key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Abandoned Carts – The total number and potential revenue of visits where people added products to their shopping cart but ultimately left the site without making a purchase. Matomo also tracks this as a percentage. While this might not reach zero, you should always be aiming to decrease this number.
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