After you have installed a plugin for Matomo, if you don’t need the plugin, you can uninstall the plugin.

Note: when you uninstall a plugin, all the data stored by this plugin will be deleted. Any database tables or columns the plugin created will be removed.

Following the steps below to uninstall the plugin:

  1. login to Matomo as a Super User,
  2. click on Administration (cog icon),
  3. click on “Plugins” in the left menu,
  4. next to the plugin you want to uninstall, click on “Deactivate”,
  5. once the plugin is deactivated and the page has reloaded, you can now click the red “Uninstall” link next to the plugin to uninstall.

On uninstalling, the data for this plugin will be deleted and the plugin files will also be deleted from your server.

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