Absolutely, you can easily setup Matomo Analytics to run on any Cloud platforms out there such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Openstack Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Rackspace Cloud and more. To setup Matomo Analytics we recommend you check out the Requirements to run Matomo and then How to install Matomo.

For example you can setup Matomo to use

  • AWS RDS MySQL, AWS RDS Aurora. Note: if you’re on AWS, do not use AWS Aurora Serverless for database, instead use AWS RDS MySQL or AWS RDS Aurora.
  • MySQL Database on Microsoft Azure (PaaS)
  • Cloud SQL for MySQL on Google Cloud
  • any other managed MySQL service

If you are familiar with Docker, you can also use Docker to setup Matomo Analytics on your Cloud provider.

If you need any help, contact our Support team.

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