Yes, the Funnels plugin adds new segment dimensions that let you segment Matomo reports by funnel and by funnel step participation. This lets you view a subset of your analytics to get valuable insights into your visitors and their full conversion paths.

Create a Segment of Funnel Participants

  1. Log in to your Matomo dashboard.
  2. Click on the Segment data selector. The label for this is the name of the current segment which is All Visits by default.
    All Visits Segment
  3. Click the Add New Segment button.
    Add New Segment
  4. Give your new segment a descriptive name. E.g. “Jobs – Funnel Visits”.
    Funnel Segment Name
  5. Click the default dimension in the first field to load the menu and select Funnels.
    Funnel Segment Dimensions
  6. Select Visit participated in funnel in the initial drop down which enables you to see visitors that have touched any part of a specific funnel.
  7. Leave Is selected in the middle drop down and then in the final field type in the name of your funnel. Alternatively, when clicking the final field a menu should load which allows you to select any of your active funnels.
    Funnel Participation
  8. You can click Test which will show Visit Log where you can confirm your targeting includes data. If you are happy with your configuration, you can click Save & Apply.

Create segment for specific Funnel Step Visitors (Optional Extra Step)

It is also possible for the segment to only include people that touched a specific step of your funnel. To do this, you can click +Add AND condition which will add a second row of options to the segment builder.

Within the second row, select Visit participated in funnel at step position from the first dropdown. Select equals in the middle dropdown. And then, in the final field, type a number relevant to the step you want to target. E.g. 1, 2, 3, etc

Segment By Funnel Step

You can confirm the number for a funnel step by visiting the relevant funnel report page. Once there, click on Show funnel summary which will reveal a list of numbered steps. You only need to include the number, not the name.

Once again, you can click TEST if you’d like to check that your segment includes tracked data already and then hit Save & Apply to define the segment.

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