How to Apply an Existing Segment to Your Data

Once you’ve created a custom segment, you can begin using it in any of the standard Matomo reporting views. Visit the section you’d like to review and then click the Segment button in the top menu to bring up the list of segments. As a reminder, the segment button always shows the name of the currently active segment, e.g. All Visits by default.

Apply Segment

Clicking on a segment name will update the view to reflect data relating to your chosen segment. When viewing a report, you can always check which, if any, segment is applied by referencing the bold label of the segment button.

Segment Visits Over Time

How to Edit and Delete Your Segments

Click on the Segment button in the top menu to bring up the list of available segments. Then click on the pencil button to the right of the relevant name to load the segment editor. Now you can update your segment details and click the big green Save & Apply button, or click the red Delete text link to remove your segment.

Edit And Delete Segments

Using segments in e-mail reports

It is also possible to create e-mail reports that use a segment:

Segment Email Report

E-mail reports that use a segment will display the segment name at the top of the page.

How to Decide Which Segments Are Important For Your Site

While some segments are likely to be useful for the majority of sites (examples provided below), some segments will only be relevant to yours. For example, if you have an affiliate or partner relationship with another company, you may want to look at visits which click on your partner links. Or, if you use special content features, such as AMP from Google, then you may want to create a segment based on the URL pattern of those visitors.