Piwik 1.8.2 is a follow up of Piwik 1.8 release to fix a few non critical regressions introduced in the 1.8 version. To learn more about all the great new features in Piwik 1.8 check out this blog post entry.

This new version does not contain major database schema changes, so the update should be quite easy even if your Piwik DB is enormous.

After You Update

  • Note that the SQL database User used by Piwik to connect to the Mysql database now requires LOCK privilege. Please grant LOCK privilege to the DB username used by Piwik, with a tool like phpMyAdmin.
  • Please use the forums for support, suggestions, feedback or user stories.
  • If you use Piwik in another language than English, how good is the translation? You can help improve the text in Piwik software.
  • We really appreciate if you can spread the word about Piwik on your twitter, blog, website, to your friends, at conferences, etc.
    Thank you!

1 ticket closed in Piwik 1.8.2

  • Fixed installer not working with Mysqli/PDO

List of 7 tickets closed in Piwik 1.8.1

  • #3174 Config regression: messages Undefined index: X in ‘piwik/core/Config/Compat.php’ at the line 52
  • #3170 Email reports regression: graphs not displaying
  • #3121 Very large traffic: change archive numeric from float to double
  • #3171 Error with Internet explorer on visitor log: Message: ‘param’ is null or not an object
  • #3167 hourly visits graph doesn’t show 10am – 11pm any more
  • #3172 absolute path error in pluginsDBStatstemplatesindex.tpl
  • #3173 Improve RSS format error message

Thanks to the Piwik team, our partners and Enterprise Analytics Services team.