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How Matomo Helped Concrete CMS Achieve 3x More Leads

In their pursuit of a compliant and secure web analytics solution that also provided powerful insights, Concrete CMS turned to Matomo. Their choice of Matomo, with an empowering feature set and intuitive design, led to a remarkable 3x increase in leads.

About Concrete CMS

Concrete CMS is an open-source content management system (CMS) designed to help users build and manage websites. Concrete CMS is trusted by organisations worldwide, including government agencies like the Department of Defense and the US Army, as well as entities like Sega and ITV Media.

Concrete CMS website
Concrete CMS website

Navigating GDPR and Data Security Concerns

With the growing influence of GDPR and privacy regulations on web analytics, Concrete CMS sought a solution that could maintain compliance, protect data and enable them to gather vital insights. This pursuit was driven by the need to optimise their website and enhance the user experience while adhering to stringent regulations.

Choosing Matomo for Flexible, Robust Analytics

In their search for a new solution, their primary goal was clear from the beginning: find an open-source web analytics solution that could not only ensure compliance but also offer the flexibility required to customise it according to their unique specifications.

As they delved deeper into their search, Concrete CMS was drawn to Matomo for several compelling reasons. The deciding factor was that Matomo didn’t impose any data limits. As Jess Dunbar, Marketing Lead at Concrete CMS, puts it, “The real game-changer when it came to down to it, there were no data limitations. That just solidified Matomo as the right choice for us.”

This meant that Concrete CMS could collect and analyse data without any hindrances, allowing them to be fully compliant while still gathering vital insights into their website traffic and performance.

Screenshot showing the advanced GDPR manager in the Matomo dashboard
Matomo's GDPR Manager

Concrete CMS discovered in Matomo a solution that not only addressed their immediate requirements but also allowed for future growth and adaptability. Matomo’s flexibility in customisation and lack of data constraints made it the ideal choice for their analytics needs. 

Impressive Outcomes with Matomo

Concrete CMS’s decision to embrace Matomo has transformed their web analytics landscape and resulted in a 3x lead generation lift. The ease of transitioning to Matomo stood out, as Jess explains, “The fact that I could start using Matomo without extensive training was really impressive.”

In contrast, Jess’ experience dealing with Google Analytics 4 presented challenges, including the need for manual configuration. “Google Analytics 4, that was a major change. I had to go in there to check and make sure some events were running correctly for Google Ads. It was a little bit of a headache,” Jess elaborates, “And it was Goal setting – things that come set up in Matomo.”

In addition, Matomo’s intuitive naming scheme and structural similarities to Universal Analytics eased the transition, making it a smooth and efficient process.

Matomo’s array of features, such as Heatmaps and Funnel Analytics added functionality to their analytics toolkit. They experienced ‘aha’ moments when they discovered readily available behavioural analytics features such as A/B testing in Matomo.

Matomo's heatmaps feature
Matomo's Heatmap Dashboard

One of the most noteworthy successes was achieved through Matomo’s swift workflow and data-driven insights. As Jess highlights, “We made specific adjustments based on Form Analytics, resulting in 3 times the leads in just a couple of days.” By identifying and addressing bottlenecks in the user onboarding process, such as users getting stuck at the address input stage, Concrete CMS significantly enhanced the user experience, surpassing their initial expectations.

Concrete CMS Editor Mode
Concrete CMS Editor

Concrete CMS’s adoption of Matomo has not only addressed their compliance and security needs but has also delivered remarkable results, including a substantial increase in leads and an enhanced user experience. Matomo’s user-friendly interface, robust feature set and data-driven insights have positioned it as a pivotal tool for the team at Concrete CMS.

“The data-driven insights that we’ve been able to quickly get through, which has resulted in more leads, has been the biggest notable difference.”
Jess Dunbar Headshot Concrete CMS
Jess Dunbar
Marketing Lead at Concrete CMS