Pre-announcement: Matomo Marketplace soon open for paid premium features

Updates: Premium Plugins now available on the Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) Marketplace. Further announcements about premium plugins: 1) Powerful Video Analytics and Audio Analytics and 2) A/B Testing Platform for Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics).

The goal of the Matomo project is to build the best open digital analytics platform that lets you measure what matters to you while giving you full control of your data. The beauty of the Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) platform is that it can be customized and extended by building or installing new features on top of the Matomo core.

On our open Matomo Marketplace you can already discover and download over 70 free plugins which enrich the functionality of your Matomo in many ways, and themes which change the look and feel of the Matomo user interface. To help users make more of their analytics data and ultimately be more successful, in a few weeks we will offer you the possibility to purchase subscriptions for premium features in the Marketplace.

Get more out of your Matomo

Opening the Marketplace for paid plugins will bring more premium and enterprise features so you get more out of your Matomo, when you need it. It will also help us, the Matomo team, to further innovate and improve the open-source Matomo platform to realize our mission:

“To create the leading Free and open source analytics platform, and to support global organisations and communities to keep full control over their data.”

1-click installation and update

You will find the new premium features when you browse the Marketplace in your Matomo app and on our Matomo Marketplace website. Purchased plugins will be installable and updatable with one click, just like you are used to from free plugins.

Sell your plugins on the Matomo Marketplace

If you are a developer who wants to sell plugins on our Marketplace, please get in touch. As a vendor you will be able to see reports about your sales, upload new versions of your plugins, reply to pre-sales and support questions, and more. By tapping into the Marketplace’s infrastructure and distribution, including secure payments and distributing plugins to customers, developers can focus on building great products.

Get started developing plugins

If you are wondering how to get started developing plugins, check out our getting started developer guide and our guide about how to get your plugin ready for the Marketplace.

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