Quick Updates: Google+, Beta 1.11 and French Support!

Quick News Flashes
We had some quick updates we wanted to share with you.

Google+ Community

GooglePlus-Logo-02Matomo (Piwik) has launched an official community on Google+. You can check it out here. Our goal is to engage users about Matomo and on topics about analytics. The forums will still remain the primary point for support, but Google+ offers us a way to truly connect with the community. In the future we hope to host some hangouts parties and possibly some Q &A’s. Stay tuned to see what we have in store!

Beta 1.11 – Testers Welcome

labWe have just released 1.11-beta available. Download the latest beta build here. NEW features: redesigned login screen, redesigned admin screen, new “Real time maps” and “Visitor maps”, new admin Javascript Script screen, improvements in Referers>Overview report, new browser languages report, and many other small features and bug fixes.

If you are ready and willing to update to latest beta, this is how you do it: Upload these files on top of your existing Matomo (Piwik) files, to upgrade. Upgrading should be safe and painless. If you have any problem, please post in the forum thread.Thank you for your help in testing!!

Developers can meet us on Github
Also don’t forget, you can now check us out on Github. Read more details about our move here. Thank you to the 700+ users who Starred the project, and for the useful pull requests!

French Community, new Support Forum in French
Bonjour à tous nos amis! Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que nous offrons maintenant support dans un sous-forum en français. Visitez le forum ici!

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