Survey Results: Thanks for the feedback!

We were so amazed and really happy by all the feedback we received from our users from our 2012 User Survey. We had over 2,600 people fill in the survey to share their thoughts, hopes and ideas to make Matomo (Piwik) a better analytics solution, and we thank you for that. Lots of the ideas actually confirm things we already knew needed fixing, but it was good to get some validation on those points.

Without further ado, here are some of the things we learnt about you:

  • We are used equally by CEO’s of companies as we are by users for personal use. This means Matomo has a delicate balance to keep
  • The majority of you track 4-10 websites, and have 2-10 users who have access
  • When it comes to traffic the median is 150 visits per day. Some sites reported over 100,000 visits a day!
  • You told us you want more info about customizing/implementing Matomo on your site. Over the next few months, we will publish a series of blog posts that will tackle this.
Here is what you told us you loved about Matomo:
Some of the ideas we are working on to bring to you shortly, we were impressed by, or hope to work on in the near future:
  • Internal site search
  • Core GEOIP to give you more accurate data about your user locations
  • A traffic flow report, to show your how users transition in your site
  • Segments Editor in the User Interface (currently only in available via API)
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Heatmaps/Click maps
  • A newly designed website
  • A video series to help you to learn more about Matomo
  • A hosted version of Matomo for those users who are not interested in self-hosting, but still want access to their data
  • Support for other types of databases (i.e PostgreSQL, Firebird, NoSql, etc)
  • Premium Email support to allow users a way to get immediate answers when needed. We are not abandoning free support options, such as the forum, but we want to be able to offer an avenue for those who need immediate answers and cannot wait.

Matomo gets a lot of help from volunteer developers and the community. If want to get involved too, check out and see how you can help Matomo become a much better tool for everyone!

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