Matomo Mobile 1.2

We are proud to announce a new version of Matomo Mobile! Here is the list of changes and issues closed in this Matomo Mobile release 1.2 Android & iOS Performance improvements simplified “choose date and period” UI changes use full … Read More

Should We Offer Matomo Hosted? Let Us Know!

UPDATE: › Survey Results! We are preparing to announce Matomo (Piwik) 1.2 soon with some great new features. We are able to do this because our friends at Jirafe, an ecommerce analytics company, sponsored some of the new features for … Read More

Reshaping Matomo Documentation

In this post you will hear all about what has recently been happening at Matomo: a new, simpler to use User Documentation now available at Check out the new docs pages… Using Matomo… Matomo (Piwik) Installation & Optimization This … Read More

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