Matomo 0.2.33 released! No bugs left, and lots of good stuff coming.

Hello all! It has been a while since our last update, but behind the svn curtain, things are going strong.

We are proud to release Matomo 0.2.33 today!

After a month of bug fixing, please enjoy using the latest release of the most popular Open Source Web Analytics software! We believe we’ve fixed all outstanding bugs in Matomo (Piwik) (36 to be exact) and we’ve pushed a few improvements as well. Our objective for this release is to open the way for Matomo 0.4 that will include a few important new features (multi sites dashboard, new modular Javascript API, and more) and provide a great stable web analytics tool. Download Matomo, spread the word, and enjoy your data!

The translation team is thriving:

They’ve added 5 new languages: Danish (Dansk), Greek (????????), Estonian (Eesti keel), Galician (Galego) and Romanian (Român?) and updated lots of the existing ones. Well done guys. Matomo is now available in 24 languages!

We have added a new page to check out the status of the Matomo translations, see the translators names and how much complete is each translation. Check out the Matomo Translations page!

YOU can help make Matomo better!

We’ve added a new page How to contribute to Matomo? A few examples: Use Matomo, Help with testing, Help the community on the forums, Review the documentation, Help with translations, Submit a guest blog post, Spread the word about Matomo on your blog or twitter, Submit product suggestions and improvements, etc.

If you’re a developer or a designer… well, add a new feature from our extensive list of great ideas, or help us make piwik look better!

Want to contribute to a great active open source project? Want to be part of the effort to build the leading open web analytics software? Check out the page How to contribute to Matomo? and contact us!

We are hearing more and more success stories from Matomo users that use Matomo to power their business by providing data insights, easy integration in their producs, deployed Matomo to hundreds or thousands of users. We’re also hearing from webmasters that make use of Matomo simple reports and UI to analyze their websites and blogs, and optimize them to increase traffic and conversions.

This is all exciting and the Matomo community is slowly growing to support all these needs.

Have fun using Matomo, come help the project if you can… and stay tuned!

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