Matomo’s powerful features will help your startup business turn website visitors into believers and loyal customers

If you have an innovative company, you need to make sure your website is optimised so people know where to find valuable information in order to believe in your company’s forward-thinking mission. No matter if you’re just starting or becoming fast-growing, an analytics solution will help get you further.

A powerful analytics tool lets you identify who your key audience is, the best ways to target them, measure success and drive strategy for your cause

With Matomo, you get the chance to gain a deeper understanding of your visitors’ patterns, behaviours and website experiences. Find out what content connects with your future customers and just as importantly, what doesn’t connect and what distracts and causes them to leave without signing up or engaging more with your product.

As your startup grows, Matomo is here to grow with you. The vast range of features means your business needs are met at every stage, giving you ultimate flexibility.

analytics for startup businesses

Why startups choose Matomo:

Time saver

As the founder and leader of a startup we understand you’re wearing a lot of hats, so Matomo is here to lift the burden a little. You can breathe easy knowing your time can be used efficiently as we have taken care of the hard part, providing an easy-to-use tool you can utilise to further your business goals.

Matomo has been created to:

✔ Effectively provide user-centric insights

✔ Come out-of-the-box with minimal manual configuration

✔ Provide smooth navigation through its easy-to-use interface

✔ Provide both web analytics and conversion optimization tools in one platform

✔ Provide maximum flexibility so you never have to worry about going through the cumbersome process of finding another analytics tool. As your startup’s needs and requirements develop, Matomo’s extensive range of features can be utilised to suit every stage of your startup’s growth.

Matomo is easy to use
Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization

Matomo’s conversion optimization features are there to amplify the impact of your website by maximising conversions from existing traffic.

Grow your business by testing what is or is not working for your potential leads and customers. You do this by discovering and fixing pain points of where visitors may be getting lost and learning what content or page layouts connect with your visitors.

This helps you strategise a plan to move them through to the outcome you want. Be it to sign up to your exciting newsletters, trialing your product, or learning more about your innovative business. 

Form Analytics

You are more than likely losing a high % of your visitors on the forms that lead to sign-ups and leads.

Thankfully, you can now identify and fix pain points on the forms that are most important to the success of your startup.

Form Analytics gives you powerful insights into how your visitors interact with your forms. This feature adds many new segments, reports and widgets to your Matomo. This lets you ultimately optimise your forms and maximise your success.

form analytics
Campaign tracking

Campaign Tracking

How effective is marketing in bringing in leads and sales? Campaign tracking in Matomo Analytics lets you track how efficient various marketing campaigns are in bringing visitors to your website.

How well are these visitors converting, how much revenue are they generating and are they spreading the word on your vision with the rest of the world?

With Campaign Tracking you can track the performance of every single ad you create, every social media post and every link in your edm and so on. This lets you see exactly which messaging and content is resonating with your audience.

Advanced Ecommerce

If your startup’s overall purpose is to drive revenue, the eCommerce feature will give you powerful insights into purchasing activity and behaviour.

Learn about what channels are driving sales and to what extent; how many of your customers are leaving your website before purchasing, and gain a deep understanding of what days peak for your sales and what days aren’t doing so well. Understanding what’s making customers abandon their carts means you can fix the issue at the source.

As Matomo integrates easily with other popular ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Magento, you get accurate results you otherwise might not have had access to.

ecommerce analytics
Analytics for your Intranet

Enhanced SEO

If you think about how 91% of people won’t click past the first page of Google search and that the top three positions in Google search get over 60% of all traffic (source: Search Engine Watch), it becomes clear that not being found in searches could be disastrous for your startup since it’s crucial to get the word out and find supporters and customers early on.

With Matomo’s Enhanced SEO features, you get more insights into the performance of your search campaigns with unbiased search engine reporting, keyword ranking positions, integration with multiple search consoles and crawling stats. All this helps you ensure your website is optimised for search.

Visitor Profiles

Discover the entire history of actions that individual users have taken on your website to see what a lifetime journey looks like. Visitor Profiles gives you the full story of every user who visits your website including all the actions they took, their location, browser and devices used.

You will learn why users visit often but never convert, or on the contrary, learn what drives some users to convert more quickly than others. This helps you understand your visitors’ individual behavior by summarising every action and assigning it to their own profile.

visitor profiles


Matomo easily integrates with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Forums, Frameworks and more. This includes integration with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint and Moodle.

Matomo's other recommendations​

100% data ownership –  With Matomo, you have full control with 100% data ownership. Startups working with sensitive information can trust Matomo knowing with certainty that no third-parties are looking in and gaining access to your data.

Acquisitions – Acquisition shows you the external sources where your visitors came from before landing on your website. Your visitors could have come from a search engine, a social media channel, an email, from pay-per-click advertising; an external website; or it could be from customers coming in directly to your website.

Segmentation – Drill deeper into the data. For example, say you see in your custom reports that the city Berlin is performing really well and you want to dig in and learn why. By creating a segment for Berlin you get the chance to focus entirely on that city – figure out how your social profiles are working for Berlin, how heatmaps looks from visitors from Berlin, what the conversion funnels looks like etc. Hone in on all the stats relevant to that particular segment and target them more effectively.

Integrations – Matomo currently can easily integrate with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems and a range of online shops like, WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop.