This list applies to Matomo for WordPress, it does not apply to WP-Matomo Integration.

  • Background Manager (background-manager/background-manager.php). Uses an old version of twig which may cause issues in the Matomo reporting and admin pages.
  • All-In-One Event Calendar. Uses an older version of Twig.
  • tweet-old-post-pro (Revive Old Posts Pro Add-on). Archiving (report generation) may fail. A workaround might be to follow the last step in this faq which suggests to add “define( 'MATOMO_SUPPORT_ASYNC_ARCHIVING', false );” to wp-config.php.
  • WP RSS Aggregator: There is an incompatibility because they are using an older version of a library (TwIG).
  • Age Verification System for WooCommerce: Uses an older version of Twig.
  • Minify HTML: It is breaking sparkline graph images in the Matomo reporting page.
  • BigBuy Dropshipping Connector for WooCommerce: Embed an incompatible version of monolog.
  • Google Listings and Ads: Embed an incompatible version of monolog.
  • Post-SMTP: The PDF report files from the email reports will be missing when the PostSMTP mode is selected but it works when the PHPMailer mode is selected.
  • Adshares: Uses an older version of Twig.
  • bluehost-wordpress-plugin: Uses an incompatible version of the ContainerInterface.
    If you experience issues with any of these plugins the workaround is to:
  • wp-rocket: Starting from the 3.12 release, wp-rocket uses an incompatible version of Monolog. Until fixes, you must downgrade your wp-rocket to the 3.11.5 release.
  • backwpup: There is an incompatibility in the Monolog versions embed by this plugin and our own one, which breaks the archiving process.
  • fs-poster: The paid version of this plugin embed an incompatible version of the LoggerInterface.

  • disable the plugin that is causing an issue

  • or disable Matomo for WordPress plugin and instead use Matomo On-Premise or Matomo Cloud in combination with our WP-Matomo Integration.
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