You click in your WordPress on “Matomo Reporting”, “Matomo Admin”, or “Matomo Tag Manager” and the page isn’t loading or only partially. This can have various reasons.

Usage of ad blockers etc

Please check your browser if you have any ad blocker extension or similar active. If so, disable it and try again. If you are using the Brave browser, you may need to disable blocking scripts, or the entire shield.

Check the System Report

Before troubleshooting any further we recommend checking the “Matomo Analytics => Diagnostics” (older versions have a menu item “Matomo Analytics => System Report”) for any errors or warnings that could maybe explain the issue.

If the page isn’t loading at all

  • If possible, open the browser developer tools to see if there is any error in the network tab. Have a look for network requests that have for example a red color or requests that show an HTTP status of 400 or higher.
  • If the page shows a 403 Forbidden error, then your server might be blocking this request because
    • You may be using some WordPress plugin that is blocking requests to plugin files
    • Your webserver might be using some security plugin that doesn’t like the URL
    • Your webserver configuration might only allow certain files to be requested through the web and you might need to whitelist our files: wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/index.php, wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/matomo.php and optionally wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/piwik.php

When you have a WordPress Security plugin enabled

Please let us know which plugin you are using by creating an issue (see below) and which feature you have enabled that might be causing this issue. We will be trying to reproduce and workaround it.

If you are using a web server like Nginx, you may need to tweak your configuration

If are using the Apache web server things should work without any issues out of the box unless a security plugin is blocking something see above. If you know you are using some other web server, for example NGINX, then you might need to whitelist certain files to be accessible by the user if you get some HTTP 403 error. These are typically:

  • wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/index.php (for the Matomo reporting UI)
  • wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/matomo.php (for the Matomo tracking)
  • wp-content/uploads/matomo/matomo.js (for the Matomo JS tracking code)

If the page is only partially loading

  • Check there is no ad blocker or anything similar active
  • If possible, clear the browser cache and reload
  • If you can, open the browser developer tools to see if there is
    • any JavaScript error in the “console”
    • any file that could not be loaded in the “network tab” (eg HTTP error 404, 403, 500, …)
  • If you see any HTTP 500 error, try to enable WP_DEBUG or check your PHP and webserver error logs if possible.
  • If HTML pages aren’t being loaded, you might want to check out this FAQ.

If the issue is not resolved, you may want to create an issue see below and let us know any insights you found.

Create an issue on Github

Next step is to create an issue in our Matomo for WordPress issue tracker. In the issue description, you can describe your issue in as many details as possible and then paste the System Report, as well as any error or warning messages you noticed. Ideally, you also let us know what webserver you are using (eg Apache or Nginx), and paste any related errors or logs from enabling WP_DEBUG if possible.

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