There are three ways to completely delete all data Matomo has stored in your WordPress database and filesystem.

1. Using WP-CLI

If you have WP-CLI installed, and the Matomo plugin is still installed in your WordPress, then you can simply run this command:

wp matomo uninstall --force

Please note that you maybe want to run the plugin uninstall command afterwards as otherwise Matomo may be reset/reinstalled again immediately.

wp plugin deactivate --uninstall matomo

2. Reactivating the plugin

Enable the removing of all data as described in this FAQ and then activate the plugin again in your WordPress if possible. Then you can deactivate and uninstall the plugin in the WordPress plugins manager and all data should be gone.

3. Manually delete all data:

Follow these steps to delete the data manually:

  • Delete all tables that include matomo after the WordPress table prefix $WPTABLEPREFIX_matomo_*, for example drop all tables where the name is like wp_matomo_*
  • Delete all options from the wp_options table whose value starts with matomo%. For example using this query: delete from wp_options where option_name like 'matomo%'
  • Delete all usermeta data from the wp_usermeta table whose value starts with matomo_%. For example using this query: delete from wp_usermeta where meta_key like 'matomo_%'
  • Delete the wp-content/uploads/matomo directory
  • Delete the wp-content/cache/matomo directory if it exists


If you are using WP-MultiSite, then you also need to delete data from the wp_sitemeta table like this: delete from wp_sitemeta where meta_key like 'matomo%'

You will also need to remove the matomo folder within the uploads directory of each site. For example if the upload directories are stored in wp-content/uploads/sites/$BLOG_ID/ then you can run

rm -rf wp-content/uploads/sites/*/matomo

This should remove most, if not all of the data that Matomo stores in your WordPress DB and folder.

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