TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to your Dashboard!

Before getting started, I want to make sure my interface is looking the way I want it to. That’s more like it! Now I have my company’s branding and colour tone running throughout my Matomo interface. Great!

Now the purpose of the Dashboard is to provide you with the key metrics that matter most to you in a way that you can easily visualise the data. By default, you will see amazing real-time visitor information; how your visitors found you; where your visitors come from; and other valuable overview insights to help you understand your users.

Now you need to have this customised for your business objectives.

So, what are the insights that you want to show yourself, your clients or team members? And what are the important insights that you want to be able to interpret in a matter of minutes on a daily basis?

You can create Dashboards that reflects your Search Engine Optimization campaigns; how about a Dashboard dedicated to e-commerce and where all the revenue is coming from? How about the Movers & Shakers widget which shows you all the drastic changes over a specific time period. Or you can mix it up entirely to have it suited to your specific needs.

There are also many ways to visualize your data; so select the view that’s make the most sense to you and your outcomes that you want to achieve.