TRANSCRIPT: Websites today have become very complex to meet a growing demand in the way we evaluate and monitor website performance. Your marketing teams need insights to make better data-driven decisions from third-party analytics tools; while your IT team just wants to get on with their job and not be constantly interrupted every time a new tracking code has to be inserted onto your website.

If you work in digital marketing, you’ll want to be able to measure conversion tracking, setup remarketing campaigns, enable AB testing, track custom events, user-behaviour, form submissions and much more; all of these require tags and many of them. The need for implementing more and more tags is a necessity for a business looking to gain the most conclusive insights to their digital marketing efforts. However, on the flipside, this is a nuisance for the IT team, as they are the ones who have to understand the reasoning behind implementing each tag and when done manually it can be very time consuming.

The solution? Matomo Tag Manager. A Tag Manager is a centralised management tool that makes it so simple to embed third-party application tags without constantly needing access to the backend of your website.

Think of it this way, a Content Management System like WordPress lets you create a website without having the technical HTML or CSS knowledge; that’s similar to a Tag Manager. You can manage all tags easily through one platform to get the insights you want.

Not only this, but by having a Tag Manager, it keeps the code on your website clean, you get the insights you need faster; and it reduces the cost to install and manage such tags in your organisation. This keeps the marketing teams, digital teams and the IT guys happy…It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Matomo Tag Manager is so simple to use and the installation is seamless. If you are using Matomo Analytics; the Matomo Tag Manager comes pre equipped with a whole range of pre configured tags, triggers and variables.

That’s only the very beginning on what Matomo Tag Manager has to offer, so I encourage you to learn more. Please visit our website for more information.