TRANSCRIPT: Your website can often have multiple objectives. You could be looking to increase sign ups; offer a free trial of your service; complete a Contact Us form; or possibly downloading a brochure. All of these are examples of how your visitors are engaging with your business; and the way we measure these business objectives in Matomo is through the Goals feature.

So, how do you define a Goal? Well let’s say that you want to track visitors who subscribe to your newsletter from your homepage. There are different ways to track a conversion;

The first is to simply track an event when your visitor submits your newsletter form which then triggers a goal.

The second way to measure a Goal is to create a custom landing page which your subscriber gets redirected too after they submit their details, for example, a way to do this is to thank your visitor for subscribing to your e-newsletter. So they click submit; and now they are redirected to the ‘thank you’ page which will tigger as a goal conversion each time someone lands on this page.

There are a few other alternatives for measuring a goal so make sure you choose the best one for you.

Once this is done, you can start to visualise patterns of behaviour of when signups are happening more regularly and now you’ll be able to get a better idea of who the visitors are that are converting.

Goals also brings together Visitors, Behaviour and Acquisition insights to give you a deep understand of what’s driving the conversions. Perhaps you’ll be able to identify the location of where the highest conversion rates are coming from; or the devices most commonly used; you can even start to see which channels are converting best for you, and you can select to visualise the data in a way that’s most valuable to you and your team.

You will identify Goals that are key to the success of your business; so you should spend time analysing and work towards increasing the conversion rates of these Goals.

Matomo’s Conversion-Rate-Optimization features including Funnels, A/B Tests, Forms, Heatmaps and Session Recordings will help you discover the user-experience your visitors are having to ensure you are getting the highest possible conversion rates for your Goals.

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