While browsing the tables within Matomo’s Page reports, there are several features available to dig deeper into specific pages. To access these, you can hover your mouse over the row that you are interested in and several icons will appear. Each of these are discussed in more detail below.

Page Row Options

Additionally, if you’d like to edit the number of table rows shown per page at any point, you can hover your mouse over the table to reveal a number in the bottom right.

Table Row Settings

View Page Shown in a Report

At times you may want to view the page that is being referenced in a report, for example, to clarify what it contains. To do this you can click on the link icon New Window Icon which will open the page in a new browser tab. This is especially useful on larger websites where you may not be familiar with every page. It can help you to identify what the page is and what your visitors are seeing.


Shows more detailed statistics about a page such as where visitors come from and where they go. To learn more about this feature view our detailed Transitions guide.

Page Overlay

The page overlay view provides in-page analytics so that you can understand what links people are clicking on within a specific page. It displays little bubbles next to each of your links containing a percentage of how many visitors have clicked that link. You can edit the date range that the statistics are drawn from by using the Matomo sidebar shown alongside your page. To learn more about this feature view our detailed page overlay guide.

Page Overlays

Segmented Visits Log for Pages

Within any of the page reports, you can hover over a specific row to show the segmented visits log icon Visit Log Icon. Clicking on this will load a screen that shows you all visits where somebody visited the page or section that you are querying. This can help to provide some context on what kind of people are visiting the page and what they are doing before and after. To learn more about this feature view our detailed Visits Log guide.

Page Performance Report

While viewing one of the page reports, if you hover your mouse over one of the rows, you will see a series of green icons on that row. Clicking the Page Performance icon Performance Icon will take you to the page performance report for the selected row so you can track it over time. To learn more about what this report shows, view our guide to Performance Reports.

How to See Page Popularity Over Time With the Row Evolution Feature

While it is useful to know how many visits a page received within a certain period, it can also be useful to know how that number has evolved over time. This is especially true for pages that you have taken time to optimise their performance. To this, hover your mouse over the page within the table and click on the** line chart icon** Line Chart Icon. Clicking this reveals the row evolution view which will show you the pageviews over time.

Page Row Evolution

Below this chart, there is a Compare records section. This section enables you to select a second or third row etc, to compare the metrics of these pages over time.

Page Row Comparison

For more information on how to use this feature check out the full row evolution guide.

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