The Exit Pages report helps you to understand where people are leaving your site. Leaving your site isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, every visitor will eventually leave. However, it can be helpful to understand which pages visitors most commonly leave from.

Exit Pages Report

For example, if a visitor leaves from an order confirmation page that might suggest a successful visit, but if the majority of your users are leaving on your homepage or midway through a sales funnel, then you likely have an issue that needs addressing.

With the right URL structure and a little help from Table Hierarchy in Matomo, you can easily review the sections of your site that people leave from in addition to the specific pages. For example, in the screenshot above, we can see that 43% of visitors landing on a product page, leave the site after doing so. While this isn’t the highest figure, you would probably want as few people as possible leaving from a product page, instead they should be adding the product to their cart and making a purchase on a checkout page before leaving.

If you’d prefer to analyse Exit Page Titles instead of via URL, then scroll down to the bottom of the table and you will see a Related reports option where you can click on Exit page titles to view the title based report instead.

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