If you are using Matomo On-Premise or Matomo for WordPress, you will need to install the free Marketing Campaigns Reporting plugin to get the additional tracking parameters for a total of eight. You can find the instructions for installing it to each version below.

How to Install Marketing Campaigns Reporting to Matomo for On-Premise

  1. Login to your Matomo dashboard.
  2. Click the cog icon Settings Cog Icon in the blue top menu.
  3. Within the System menu, click on the Plugins menu item.
  4. Click on the big green Install New Plugins button.
  5. Locate the Marketing Campaigns Reporting plugin within the list of plugins and click Install. You may need to input your password at this stage to confirm.
  6. Click the green Activate Plugin button.

Once you have installed the plugin, there is no additional configuration required. You can simply start using campaign tracking URLs within your marketing and they will begin showing up in your marketing reports.

How to Install Marketing Campaigns Reporting to Matomo for WordPress

If you haven’t already installed the Matomo Marketplace plugin, you will need to do that first by following the steps to install plugins for the WordPress version of Matomo. Once the Matomo Marketplace for WordPress plugin is active, you can use it to install the Marketing Campaigns Reporting plugin.

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