If you want to integrate Matomo Analytics with your Squarespace website to get valuable insights, you’re in the right spot. To get awesome analytics for squarespace with Matomo, follow the steps below to get you set up in minutes.

You will need Squarespace plan (Business or Commerce) and Matomo (Cloud or Self-hosted).

Integrate Matomo with Squarespace website

  1. Login to Squarespace, you will be able to see the list of websites
  2. Click on the website which you want to track
  3. Click on Settings on the left menu
  4. Click on Advanced > Code Injection
    Note: Code injection is a premium feature of Squarespace. It is only available in their Business, Commerce, Professional, and Premium plans.
  5. Copy Matomo JavaScript Tracking Code and paste it in Header text area
    Follow the steps below to copy tracking code:
    a. log in to Matomo with your admin or Super User account
    b. click on “Administration (cog icon)” on the top right of your dashboard
    c. click on “Tracking Code” under “Measurables” in the left menu
    d. choose the website from the dropdown
    e. copy the Tracking code

6. Click on Save
7. Open your website in the browser and perform some actions (eg: navigate to different pages)
8. Login to Matomo and check if the website is tracked

Congratulations, you are successfully tracking your visitors on your Squarespace website. Happy Analytics!

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