Shopify is a popular online ecommerce store. Before Matomo can start tracking your store, you will have to manually add the tracking code. This only needs to be added once.

Currently Matomo does not have an eCommerce integration with Shopify, so Ecommerce tracking is not available. That’s because Shopify plans don’t allow 3rd party javascript on their checkout pages, so Matomo cannot track these ecommerce checkout pages. Still your analytics reports for Shopify will be very detailed with all the useful data that Matomo will collect and report about your users and their interactions on your site.

You’ll need a account and your Matomo instance (Self-hosted or Cloud).

Integrate Matomo Analytics into your Shopify Store

  1. In Matomo, copy your Matomo tracking code. You will find your tracking code in Admin > Measurables > Manage > View Tracking code
  2. Login to your Shopify store. Select Online Store, then chose Themes from the dropdown menu. Select Edit Code from the Actions menu.
  3. Select theme.liquid from the Layout.
  4. Scroll down to where you can see </head> in the code. Immediately above this, paste your Matomo tracking code (Step 1).
  5. Click Save from the top right of the window.
  6. (optional step) If you have Shopify Plus (Shopify enterprise version), reach out to your Shopify Merchant Manager who will be able to install Matomo in your checkout pages.
  7. Open your website in the browser and perform some actions (eg: navigate to different pages)
  8. Login to Matomo and check if the website visit is tracked

Congratulations, you should now be successfully tracking your visitors on your Shopify store. Happy Analytics!