The visitor log will always show the result of a goal in real time, you will need to find out the Visitor ID to correlate this with the goal. This can be easily found in the HTTP requests.

In your target web page start the web console and view the network tab. Filter the results to only show Matomo requests. The matomo.php (previously piwik.php) request contains your Visitor ID in the URL parameters.

This ID will match with a visitor in your visitor log.

Viewing this user’s visit history you will be able to see if they have successfully converted a goal.

To find the visitor quicky when you only have the Visitor ID, you can create a Segment so you will only see this user’s visits:

  • Click Add new segment from the Segmentation menu.
  • Then select Visitor ID from the first dropdown menu, then the is operator.
  • Copy and paste the Visitor ID established earlier in the last field
  • Save and apply the segmentation.
  • Then open the Visitor Log to see all the visits and interactions by this Visitor (pageviews, clicks, downloads, events, forms, videos, goals…).

Example segment to find a specific Visitor ID:

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