All Websites Dashboard is the best way to get an overview of what is happening on all your websites at once. To open the dashboard, click on “All Websites” in the top menu.

In this section, you can review all the websites linked to your account as well as add new ones (if you have at least “Write” permission).

You will also see some high-level visit statistics, which can be useful if you want a quick snapshot of all your websites within a specific period. Metrics displayed are: Visits and Page views, as well as view the sparkline showing the last few days evolution of all your websites at a glance.

Load the All Websites dashboard by default

Each user can also choose, in the User Settings page, to load the All Websites Dashboard by default.

The All Websites Dashboard in Email Reports

You can also automatically receive the All Websites Dashboard by email — daily, weekly or monthly.

In Email Reports > click on ‘Edit’ (or create a new scheduled report) > then Click on the checkbox ‘All Websites Dashboard’.

Embedding the All Websites Dashboard in your app

If you are building a web application, or if you use an exiting portal or dashboard, you can easily include the All Websites report via an Iframe. Click on the top menu Widgets link for more info. Click here to see the All websites dashboard Embed demo.