Matomo segments are visit-based, meaning they include all URLs visited during a specific visit that match the segment’s conditions. If a visit contains URLs that don’t meet the segment’s criteria, those URLs will be included in the data, even if they are not part of the defined segment.

Below is an example of a segment with the condition “PageURL contains“.


If a visitor starts their visit at and then navigates to during the same visit, this visit will be included in the data for your segment. Even though the visit started on a URL outside the segment, it’s included because the specified URL condition was met during the visit. As we can see in the Pages report below, pages for both and are included.

To specifically filter and display certain URLs, you can create a custom report. This way, the report will only show data for the URLs that match the conditions defined in your filter. Custom reports allow for a more tailored view of the data based on the criteria you have requested. The below example contains a filter “PageURL contains“.


Applying a filter to a custom report, will show data based only on the PageURL that has been specified, in this case


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