Custom Reports in Matomo offer a comprehensive array of powerful features aimed at enhancing your data analysis. With Custom Reports, you gain the flexibility to tailor your insights by handpicking the dimensions and metrics that align with your business objectives.

Furthermore, you can breathe life into your data through a diverse array of visualization options, ensuring that your information is presented in the most meaningful manner for your team. To top it off, Custom Reports enable you to elevate your analysis precision by applying precise filters, helping you sift through data noise and concentrate on actionable insights that are important to you.

User Behavior: You can use filters to focus on a specific time frame or user segment, such as “New Customers” or “Returning Customers,” to understand how different user groups interact with your site.


Visualizations: Custom Reports allows you to visualize this data using various chart types like bar charts, pie charts, or line graphs, making it easier to grasp trends and patterns.


Efficient Filtering: You can apply filters to analyze user behavior and engagement based on the type of device being used to access your website or application. For instance, you can filter your data to compare how users on mobile devices interact with your platform compared to those on desktop devices.

Pivoting: If you want to explore your data from a different angle, you can pivot the report to examine, for instance, how user engagement varies by geographic location or device type.

Automated Reporting: By integrating Matomo’s Custom Reports with our Email Reports feature, you have the convenience of automated reporting. You can set up automatic email and SMS reports for your custom reports, allowing you to effortlessly share these valuable insights with your colleagues or customers.

Matomo’s Custom Reports open the door to in-depth insights into your business’s performance, equipping you with the tools to make data-driven decisions that can enhance results, refine marketing strategies, and elevate the overall user experience.