When tracking users and screenviews using the Matomo Android or iOS SDKs, most features will work the same as when tracking a website using the JavaScript Tracking client, but there will be some differences.

For example, the SDKs let you track Screenviews (pageviews including Entry screens and Exit screens), track Events, track searches made within your app search engine, track Custom Dimensions, User ID, Goals, Ecommerce interactions and more.

Features that won’t work in Mobile Apps are:

  • Reports under “Acquisition” won’t show data (Websites, Search Engines, Social, Campaigns).
  • In the Android SDK, the “Acquisition channels” will show the install source, so you can see how the app was installed. This is very valuable information to understand how you get your new users.
  • Outlinks are not tracked automatically but can be tracked manually.
  • In the Android SDK, the Downloads report will instead show the App version code, and the APK checksum.
  • Content Tracking (content impressions and content interactions) is not yet supported in SDKs
  • Search Engine Keywords
  • Form Analytics
  • Heatmaps & Session Recordings
  • Media Analytics
  • Multi Channel Attribution
  • WooCommerce Analytics
  • A/B Testing (although it is possible to run A/B tests with custom integration or using other frameworks)

Other features should work as expected. Contact us using the button below if you have any feedback.

Also if you require any tracking feature to the Mobile SDKs that are not yet supported and if you are interested to sponsor the improvement, please contact us for more information.

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