Not all data in Google Analytics is accessible through the API, please find below the list of data reports that will not show up in Matomo:

  • The importer only imports aggregated report data, not the raw visit and action data. This means the Visitor Log,
    Ecommerce Log, Custom Reports and Segmentation features will not work for imported reports.
    It also means that the Unique visitors metric and users metric for non-day periods (such as weeks and months periods) will not be available.
  • Some reports in Matomo are not supported in Google Analytics, such as the “Search Keywords with No Results” and Contents reports. These reports will not show data after import.
  • Some reports from Google Analytics are not yet imported into Matomo (such as Funnels reports). If you find any missing report in Matomo you expected to see imported, please let us know the details in this issue tracker.
  • Google strips the search parameter from internal site search URLs, but shows those URLs in the page URLs reports. This means when we import that report, we can’t tell if one of those pages was actually an internal site search, so in imported reports site search page URLs will be included in the Page URLs and Page Titles reports.
  • Google’s ecommerce conversion rate is different from Matomo’s. Google defines this as the number of transactions per session, where Matomo defines it as the percent of visits that have at least one order. So this metric cannot be imported.
  • Exit and entrance rates in Google are different than in Matomo. Matomo defines the entrance/exit rate as the percent of times a page URL/page title was the first/last pageview in a visit. In Google Analytics, the rates are defined as the percent of all hits for which a page URL/title is the first/last pageview in a session. So the rates will look different in Matomo.
  • Additionally, Google Analytics doesn’t always set the session count when logging pageviews (see their docs for more info). This means some sessions won’t be counted by Google Analytics, and the session count could be lower than it should be for some actions. In this case, the exit/entrance rate will be calculated as > 100%. This doesn’t affect Google Analytics, because the entrance/exit rate there is calculated using the total number of hits and not the number of sessions.
  • Product reports are missing the product conversion rate and visits metric, since sessions cannot be queried with product dimensions through the Google Analytics API.
  • The importer assumes you have setup GeoIp2. If you don’t, the data will be imported properly, but the reports will display many Unknown regions, until you install GeoIp2.
  • Custom dimensions with scope=item is ignored during import as Matomo currently supports visit and action level dimensions only.
  • GA4 Goals are imported without specific metrics, including Goal name, revenue, conversion rate, etc.
  • The importer does not support GA media analytics
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