In this release we focused on fixing all existing issues. At this point we believe Piwik should work very well and display accurate data. One step closer to Piwik stable!

– FIXED #374 Performance: Fix memory leak during Archiving process
– Improved overall speed of archiving algorithm
– ADDED Piwik now translated in Danish (Dansk), Greek (Ελληνικά), Estonian (Eesti keel), Galician (Galego) and Romanian (Română)!
– UPDATED translations for Catalan, German, French, Russian, Slovak, Swedish and Taiwanese.
– FIXED #310 When database collation is not the default, mysql error “Illegal mix of collations”; now all tables are created with utf8 charset. All existing tables and all fields are converted to utf8.
– FIXED #599 Make not accessible via http; patch by pebosi and vipsoft!
– FIXED #589 Piwik fails to properly decode and store some chinese keywords (eg. from
– FIXED #435 Exotic encoded keywords should be stored as utf-8 in the DB
– FIXED #575 Duplicated keywords in search engine keywords report
– FIXED #577 Automatic purge of out of date records should be automatically called once a day.
– FIXED #640 Remove ‘nb_uniq_visitors’ from all API calls when period is not “day” as the data is not correct. It is now called ‘sum_daily_nb_uniq_visitors’ in all API calls. The column “Unique Visitors” won’t be displayed in week/month/year reports.
– FIXED #578 Actions API: clarify idsubdatatable VS databaseSubtableId in API response
– FIXED #582 API UsersManager.* accepting $userLogin should work well when super user login is passed
– FIXED #627 misreported outlinks (anthon)
– FIXED #408 recognizeTheVisitor doesn’t save new visitor if cookie is set and visitor not found in DB
– FIXED #633 when specifying logging messages/errors/exceptions to a file in piwik config, the archiving breaks as path is invalid
– FIXED #636 Anonymous access to javascript code
– FIXED #523 adding website with international characters doesn’t work; eg. tä
– FIXED #609 Misaligned data when exported in CSV
– FIXED #602 API: UsersManager.userExists returns empty value to mean no
– IMPROVED feedback to user during installation, in case user tries to install and conflicting tables are already found in the DB
– FIXED #612 Error when no sites configured
– FIXED #600 warning during archiving
– FIXED #597 Add new method to languagesManager to show all string of a language, to reuse piwik translations in other Piwik UIs (eg.
– FIXED #581 add widget by default: RSS feed of changelog + refactored code it’s now very easy to create a widget showing a rss feed in any piwik plugin by reusing the Piwik_ExampleRssWidget_Rss class
– FIXED #606: custom vars broken (anthon)
– FIXED #586 claryfing messaging when one-click update fails
– FIXED #591 VisitsSummary index does not properly translate time period
– FIXED #592 not show example API link for SitesManager.updateSite() and addSite
– FIXED #593 Zend require_once path fix (anthon)
– FIXED #573 Changeset 949 may break configuration values
– FIXED #486 Sparklines aren’t distinguised by referer type
– FIXED #9 referer URLs with host registered as main_url or alias_url should NOT be counted as referer. Now if a visitor comes to with a referer, it will be considered a direct entry rather than a referer visit. It makes use of the new caching mechanism introduced with the Goal Tracking plugin, to cache website-related data for super fast access at Tracker time.
– FIXED #14 Searching on countries within the DataTable is not working properly
– FIXED #614 MySQL unix socket support (anthon)
– FIXED the “Base table or view not found” or doesn’t exist (piwik_option) issue that was submitted by several users
– FIXED #605 error after installation: user translation tries to use ‘access’ before it’s loaded
– FIXED #603 API: when not specified, XML should be returned, rather than serialized PHP

– FIXED when profiling is enabled “Fatal error: Call to undefined function memory_get_usage()”
– Renamed all constants used in Piwik and prefixed with PIWIK_ (no namespace collision when using piwik as php library)
– Added few search engines
– Other minor updates & improvements & added unit tests