– FEATURE CHANGE previously, it was possible to login using the md5 hash of the password as the password, but for best practises and increased security we removed this feature.
– FEATURE CHANGE previously, it was possible to login using the “one click logme” as described in the FAQ; we added the rule that this method cannot be used to login as the Super User.
– API CHANGE slight change in the API of UsersManager.getTokenAuth($userLogin, $md5Password); previously, the second parameter could be either the password or the md5 hash of the password. For increased security and consistency, the second parameter is now required to be the md5 of the password. Please call md5() on the string before calling this API method.
– FIXED #571 (Filesystem access equals root access)
– FIXED clearspring “Export Anywhere” functionality, click on Widgets on the top of the page, select a widget and click on “Export Anywhere”
– FIXED #561 (Piwik_DataTable_Renderer doesn’t use the Piwik_API_Request $request parms)
– FIXED #387 (admin user should not be prompted for super user pwd when clicking on admin link)
– FIXED #481 (username should be enclosed in double quotes in config files, in case the user name contains a =)
– FIXED #377 (Installation: check for php-xml: undefined function utf8_decode())
– FIXED #522 (unconsistency in login string length)
– FIXED #454 (Internal API incorrect results)
– UPDATED german and french translations
– ADDED Iphone, blackberry icons