– FIXED “Exclude low population” in widget “Pages” does not do anything
– FIXED heuristics for detecting unique visitors was disabled in 0.2.28 (see enable_detect_unique_visitor_using_settings) ; unique visitors counts were slightly higher than normal.
– FIXED User Interface issues: when website selector is too long and was behind flash content (Patch by Anthon)
– FIXED bug when adding an already present widget in the dashboard (Patch by Anthon)
– FIXED path issues when using Piwik API from within a PHP script loading piwik files (Patch by Anthon)
– FIXED forcing a click as download does not work when the link has multiple CSS classes (Patch by Anthon)
– FIXED when using Piwik API internal, piwik forced the error and exception handler to be Piwik custom error/exception handler. Users can now define(‘ENABLE_ERROR_HANDLER’, false); to disable Piwik custom error/exception handler
– IMPROVED piwik.js features: Wildcard support in piwik_hosts_alias, option to set css classes to ignore automatic download/outlink tracking; see javascript tracking documentation
– ADDED hungarian language: thanks Viktor Horvath!
– ADDED option in configuration file to set cookie expire time for the tracking cookie and the login cookie. See login_cookie_expire and cookie_expire
– ADDED option in configuration file: show_website_selector_in_user_interface ; if set to false, the website selector will not be displayed in the Piwik UI. If your Piwik installation has thousands of websites, you may disable the website selector as it slows down the loading of Piwik reports
– ADDED option in configuration file to specify the email and name that appears in the email sent for password recovery; see login_password_recovery_email_address and login_password_recovery_email_name
– ADDED various search engines
– UPDATED most libraries used in Piwik: Smarty, jquery, swfobject, sparklines library, some Jquery plugins (Patch by Anthon, thanks pebosi for testing patch)
– UPDATED Dutch, Polish and Taiwanese language files