New Matomo Mobile 2.4.0 released

New Matomo Mobile 2.4.0 update is now available for Android 6+ and iOS10.3+ devices. This is the first mobile release that shows signs of the new Matomo branding instead of Piwik. Don’t be surprised if the app still shows the Piwik app icon. This is on purpose as the name of the app changed to Matomo Mobile and some users would otherwise not find the app anymore if they haven’t heard of the renaming from Piwik to Matomo before.

What’s new in Matomo Mobile?

This new version brings some bug fixes and improvements to our Android and iOS apps:

  • Piwik is now Matomo which includes some name changes in the app as well as showing the new logo
  • Fixed broken “Get-involved” link
  • Links to Matomo or other websites now open in the browser app and no longer in the app itself
  • Improved visitor log to support more actions (see #12284)
  • We have updated the underlying framework bringing some performance and compatibility improvements

Download the Apps

Update now or install either the iOS version or the Android version. Android users can also download the latest version from our website: download Matomo Mobile 2.4.0 from our website.

If you experience any issues with this version please let us know.


The new Matomo Mobile release has been sponsored by InnoCraft, the creators of Matomo.

Happy analytics on the go,

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