How to get your Matomo plugin translated in many languages?

About a year ago we introduced the Matomo (Piwik) Marketplace to make it easy for developers to share their plugins with all Matomo users.

As Matomo is currently available in 54 languages we would love to have as many plugins as possible available in at least a few of those languages.

Currently most plugins on the Marketplace are only available in English and sometimes some other languages. To improve this situation, we offer plugin developers the possibility to use the power of our translators community to get their plugins translated.

Some plugin developers are already using this service and some very popular plugins like BotTracker or CustomOptOut have already been translated in more than 10 languages!

Getting translations for your plugin

As long as you are developing an open source plugin hosted on Github, you may get in touch with us ( in order to get your plugin translated by the Matomo translators community.

You will need an account on If you use Transifex with a social login, please ensure to set a password in your account settings. This will be required for fetching new translations into your plugin repository.

Importing your plugin’s strings in the translation platform

While doing the initial setup for your plugin, we will import your english translation file (en.json) in your Github plugin repository and we will configure an auto-update for this file. Source strings on Transifex will automatically synchronise with your plugin repository. When you change any string in your en.json translation file, the updated English strings will automatically be imported in Transifex.

How to fetch your plugins translations into your repository

As soon as we have set up your plugin within our project Matomo on Transifex and there are new translations available, you will be able to update your plugin translations using the Matomo console. You will need a locally installed Matomo with development mode enabled, and your plugin installed. To update the translations go to the Matomo directory on your development box and execute the following command:

./console translations:update -u {YourTransifexUserName} -p {YourTransifexPassword} -P {YourPluginName}

We are looking forward to seeing your Matomo plugins available in more languages! For more information, check out our Translations plugin developer guide.

Happy hacking,

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