Matomo Mobile 2 – See what’s changed

Today, we have announced the release of Matomo Mobile 2. In this blog post we will explain some of the improvements we’ve made.

Get the information you want more quickly

There are two major changes to accomplish this:

Less taps to view reports

When you start Matomo Mobile 2, you will now see either the dashboard for a website or the “All Websites Dashboard”. The report will be loaded depending on your Matomo (Piwik) user setting “Report to load by default”. In comparison in Matomo Mobile 1 you had to navigate through at least 3 screens in order to see some statistics.


More data in one view

This new feature makes browsing your reports way faster and enjoyable. We are introducing what we call “Composite Reports”. This new default view will display at once all reports within a specific group. For instance if you click on “Actions” you will see a summary of all the following reports: Action metrics summary, Page URLs, Page Titles, etc. If you need detailed information, simply click on the report to load the full data for this report.

Matomo Mobile 2 - Alpha - Composite Report

Unify Matomo and Matomo Mobile

From the beginning our vision has been to “keep the Matomo Mobile app as close as possible to Matomo. That means same functionality and same look and feel”. In the upcoming version we are bringing this vision a big step closer to being reality!

Reusing settings from Matomo in Matomo Mobile 2

Matomo Mobile now recognizes the user settings recorded on your Matomo. For instance it will automatically use the same “Report date to load by default” as well as the same “Report to load by default”. If you have configured Matomo to display the “All Websites Dashboard” or to load a specific website after logging in, the mobile app will also load the same report, for a consistent user experience.

Reusing existing dashboards from Matomo

The mobile app loads the dashboards configured on Matomo and displays them. Configure your dashboard once in Matomo, get the same dashboard everywhere on your mobile!

New app design!

Along with the new theme design in Matomo 2, we have completely redesigned the Mobile app to provide a unified experience. We hope you like it! In the future we aim to improve the design, especially to display a footer view below each report the same way that Matomo does:

Matomo Mobile 2 - Alpha - Report Footer

Account handling

We’ve made a major change in how accounts are handled. In Matomo Mobile 1, all websites of all configured accounts are mixed together. This changes a bit: you are still able to manage multiple Matomo accounts but if you want to select a website from a different account, you need to switch the account first. This change allows us for instance to reuse your user settings and display your configured dashboards.

Support for themes

As a developer you will be able to change the overall look of the Mobile app or only some details like icons and colors at will. Read more about this on the Mobile theming page of the underlying framework.

Easy customization

The main reason for rewriting the whole code base was to use the fantastic Alloy framework! (Thank you Appcelerator). Alloy helps us to support cross-platforms mobile apps much easier and gives us the possibility to simply customize the app for each platform and form factor (Tablet / Smartphone).

The resulting code is better to read, understand, maintain and extend!

Mobile Web application

HTML5_logo(Coming Soon!) The Titanium Mobile SDK allows us to generate a native Android and iOS app as well as a Mobile Web application based on HTML5. Why is a Mobile Web application important to us? We want to support as many platforms as possible. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the web. We also want to support platforms like Firefox OS where apps are built using web technologies.

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