Matomo needs your help now!

Christmas is a time of giving. So, if you are feeling generous and also believe in the ethics of Matomo (Piwik) and its team of hardworking volunteers, we could really use your help (and any amount counts!). A team of engineers around the world are currently devoting numerous hours to developing features for Matomo, for free, for our community members to enjoy. So, please bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the Matomo team by doing something good and donating to a project you share our passion in!

You can either:
1. DONATE to the whole Matomo project, to help directly fund the new features of Matomo 2.0 OR
2. CROWDFUND a particular feature you are passionate about or your business is interested in using!
–> Our two awesome features we are currently calling funding for:

A killer feature: the ability to get beautiful maps of Countries, with detailed Regions and Cities maps… All in SVG+JS and no more flash in Matomo!

And another amazing analytics feature… the ability to create custom segments to filter your audience by any known dimension… and then apply your segments to reports!

Either way, you will be supporting an amazing project and know you are making a difference towards making the best open source web analytics software in the world! Without your kind donations, we can not continue working on Matomo at the speed we are currently working at. So please, help us!

Merry Christmas

A word from Matt [Matomo Team Leader] on the year 2012:

“This year has been incredible in terms of advancements to Matomo. Matomo is now faster and safer to use. We released new versions packed with new features every month or so in 2012 and we hope that 2013 will be even bigger! We are working hard behind the scenes on improving the quality of Matomo and we are now focused on our vision for Matomo 2.0.”

Lastly, we would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years and a big thank you to all of our community for their continued love and support. Be safe and enjoy this precious time with your loved ones. We look forward to bringing you many more surprises up our sleeves in 2013! Viva Matomo!


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