The Matomo (Piwik) Professional Services team get often get asked about “Will Matomo work on my High Traffic Website?”

We have successfully helped customers manage Matomo (Piwik) servers with up to 20M pageviews a month.

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Few Matomo (Piwik) Facts

  • If your websites track about 1 Million pageviews or less a month, Matomo (Piwik) will run smoothly on a small dedicated server or quality shared hosting.
  • To track 10M and more pageviews comfortably, you will need a dedicated server – with possibility of large +5Gb Mysql databases.
  • Some users track more than 30,000 websites with visits in one Matomo (Piwik) server.
  • Some users track more than 7 years history in Matomo (Piwik) after importing historical web server logs… some Matomo Mysql Databases are 100 Gb
  • The SignUp plugin lets users sign up & create a website in Matomo (Piwik). With this plugin or simply using the Settings API, Many companies are offering the reports to their customers automatically or on demand.
  • At least three users have broken the superb 1 BILLION page views tracked in Matomo (Piwik)!
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André Bräkling

André Bräkling created WP-Piwik, the popular WordPress plugin that provides a full integration of Piwik Analytics for WordPress.

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