Matomo Community Survey – Here are the results!

A few weeks ago we asked the Matomo (Piwik) community to fill out a short survey to tell us where we should invest time going forward. Over 1,000 users filled out the survey in the past month and we have now found time to analyze the results. There were a couple of interesting things we learned from our users like the following:

Sites are Big and Small

The Matomo community seems to span across the spectrum of website sizes, without a skew toward large or small sites. The ?sweet spot? of website sizes seems to be between 1000 and 100,000 visitors per month, with 50% of you fitting in this category.

Diverse Site Categories

There is a great mix of websites that choose Matomo. While there are plenty of community sites, web publishers, and ecommerce sites (together about 50% of sites), the other 50% are ?other?. It seems like web sites today do not fit in a particular category – and possibly have many different functions. For example, the Matomo sites include a community site (forums), web publisher (blog), development site (dev), among many other sites. One of the strengths of Matomo is to customise and integrate our technology sites that do not fit a straightforward category.

Word of Mouth Advertising

The majority of you do not spend money on advertising to bring people to your web site (word of mouth, eh?). Those that do, use many programs, with Google Adwords, Banners, Links, Affiliate Programs, and Email are each used by over 10% of respondants.
Note: Matomo provides advanced Campaign tracking, you can bookmark the Matomo URL Builder which will track all campaigns links in your Matomo!

Vocal Community!

The majority of you want real time analytics, and half of you want a hosted service (no surprises there!). We also received some EXCELLENT new feature suggestions in the comments – the Matomo community are serious about their analytics! We are constantly using your feedback to decide on what to work next.

If you have any other feedback or ideas to share about Matomo, please do so in the comments below.

In the meantime, the Matomo team is still actively testing Matomo 1.5 RC which include many really useful new features:

If you have a low risk Matomo server, you are safe to upgrade already, Matomo 1.5 is already very stable and will never corrupt your data.

Thanks for the ride,

Happy analytics,77199,77199

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