Matomo’s powerful features will help increase engagement for your media organisation's editorial, video and audio content

 News agencies and media organisations need not only a premium web analytics tool to gather and drive content strategy, it’s imperative you have 100% data ownership so information and user privacy is protected.

If your followers come to your site and find it unhelpful, cluttered and painful to navigate through, then you’ll see a lack of content engagement

With websites continuing to be one of the most powerful ways for news and media companies to generate revenue, you need the right analytics tool to provide accurate insights that can further your content and business goals.

Also, the power to control your own information lies in your hands and no-one else’s when you choose Matomo. It’s the perfect tool for media organisations who place additional emphasis on user privacy and the safe-keeping of data, all the while being GDPR compliant.

Analytics for news and media agencies

Why news and media sites choose Matomo:

On-Premise hosting and 100% data ownership

Options to host your analytics on your own infrastructure is often limited with other tools, but by choosing to host your web analytics with Matomo On-Premise you can do just that and stay in full control of your data.

Both Cloud and On-Premise hosting gives you 100% data ownership. On-premise provides more flexibility while cloud hosting takes the hassle out of set-up.

100% data ownership
No data sampling

No data sampling

Did you know that accurate data reporting is often capped when using a tool like Google Analytics? Meaning once your website traffic reaches a certain limit, the data then becomes a guess rather than factual.

With Matomo you get 100% accurate data. It’s totally up to you how much data you store and for how long. News and media outlets working with large data sets will need this. No other tool will give you the freedom to gain insights without limitations which is a big bonus for media organisations with demanding data requirements. Read more here.

This is where tools like Google Analytics become extremely limited and cashes in with their GA Premium suite. At Matomo, we believe all data should be reported 100% accurately.

Learn more about the differences between Matomo and Google Analytics.

Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization paints a picture of how well your website is doing in maintaining the attention of your visitors and in how strategic you have been in order to get them engaged with your content.

You get the chance to gain a deeper understanding of your visitors’ patterns, behaviours and experiences. Find out what content (headlines, copy, button CTAs, layout of pages) connects with your visitors and just as importantly, what doesn’t connect and distracts, leading to their abandonment of the site.

By fixing pain points in the user experience and learning about what content or page layout connects with your visitors, these tools maximise the impact of your content on your website.

On-Premise Analytics
Media analytics

Media Analytics

You get to fully evaluate and learn how your audience watches your videos and listens to your audio content. This feature is great for media organisations that produce mass videos or podcasts and want to figure out what viewers are responding to. You get to see what is being consumed and how engaged viewers actually are.

The reports and widgets allow you to see how your visitors interact with your media over time, which in turn can help you figure out ways to improve your content strategy.

Content Tracking

Content tracking allows you to track interaction within the content of your web page. For example, you could use this feature to measure how often a specific ad was displayed on your website or how often it was clicked.

The two parts to this feature track the content impressions and content interactions which will provide tremendous value to your news outlet as you can accurately review how well elements within your content is performing.

Content analytics
Enhanced SEO

Enhanced SEO

If you think about how 91% of people won’t click past the first page of Google search and that the top three positions in Google search get over 60% of all traffic (source: Search Engine Watch), it becomes clear that not being found in searches could be disastrous for media websites where engagement is essential.

With Matomo’s Enhanced SEO features, you get more insights into the performance of your search campaigns with unbiased search engine reporting, keyword ranking positions, integration with multiple search consoles and crawling stats. All this helps you ensure your website is optimised for search.

GDPR Manager​

Matomo offers an advanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Manager to ensure websites are fully compliant with the new regulation.

As the GDPR continues to evolve, you can be assured that Matomo will be at the forefront of these changes to create a safer web experience for everyone.

GDPR Manager


Matomo easily integrates with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Forums, Frameworks and more. This includes integration with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint and Moodle.

Matomo's other recommendations​

Acquisitions – Acquisition shows you the external sources where your visitor came from before landing on your website. Your visitor could have come from a search engine, a social media channel, an email, from pay-per-click advertising; an external website; or it could be from customers coming in directly to your website.

Segmentation – Drill deeper into the data. For example, say you see in your custom reports that the city Berlin is performing really well but you want to dig in and learn why. By creating a segmentation for Berlin you can focus entirely on that city. Hone in on all the stats relevant to that particular segment and target them more effectively.

Visitor Profiles – helps you to understand your visitors’ individual behavior by summarising every action and assigning it to their own profile. You can also create user IDs for each profile to keep track of any visitor that you feel is valuable to your media or news agency.

Campaign Tracking – lets you track how efficient various marketing campaigns are in bringing visitors to your website (e.g. visits, page views, etc.). With Campaign Tracking you can track the performance of every single ad you create, every social media post, every link in your edm; which lets you see exactly which messaging and content is resonating with your audience.

Matomo Community

"This tool (Matomo) without a doubt, is a serious contender of Google Analytics and serious threat to GA Premium. My primary reason to use Matomo is to get the unsampled data, though it provides many other benefits over GA like full ownership of the analytics data. If your website gets lots of traffic and you can't afford an enterprise level tool like GA premium then Matomo is your best choice. I would even go ahead and say, why spend $150K a year (even if you can afford to) on GA premium, if there are better cheaper alternatives available."