Become a Matomo Partner

Work closely with the Matomo team to sell Matomo Analytics to your clients.

How does it work? The Partner Programme enables companies to resell InnoCraft official services for Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics). These services include:

If your company wants to resell our services and products, please consider becoming a reseller and partner for InnoCraft and Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) by applying to our Partner Programme.

MIST Analytics

Official Matomo partner

"The Matomo Partner Programme adds tremendous value to our customers since we are the first being informed of the latest developments regarding the Matomo software. In addition, we are able to provide our clients with significant better support by having direct communication lines with Matomo's original creators."

Stefan Koning, Co-Founder of MIST Analytics

Why choose Matomo?

Matomo is the leading open-source web analytics software used on more than 1.4 million websites in 200 countries. With Matomo you get a 360 degree view on your visitors and users. Your data will always be yours.

Matomo is recognised worldwide for the following benefits:

  • Ownership: you own the data you are collecting
  • Privacy: advanced privacy features, recommended by government entities
  • Limitless: you personally choose how much data you store and for how long
  • Customisation: plugins, white labelling, API
  • Security: constant software updates, Bug Bounty Programme, external security reviews

What are the benefits of joining the Matomo Partner Programme?

  • Generate recurring revenue with two levels of commission on sales: Reseller (9%), Partner (13%) and Premium Partner (starting at 17%).
  • Wide range of analytics products and services to offer to your leads and customers.
  • Be recognised and get visibility with the official Matomo Reseller badge and Matomo Partner badge.
  • Working with the founders of Matomo and get dedicated sales support.

Who can apply to the Partner Programme?

Any company legally authorised to do business in their location.

What are the conditions in order to have my application accepted?

  • First of all you must represent a business legally settled to do business in your location.
  • Furthermore you will provide us each year with a summary of the actions you engaged in order to attract InnoCraft – Matomo Analytics customers.

Next step, you must apply to become a Partner.

You have the potential to be a successful partner and reseller if:

  • Your leads and customers need better analytics and full data ownership.
  • Your business is a digital agency or specialised in digital marketing or digital analytics.
  • You are ready to share the benefits of Matomo products and InnoCraft services via blog posts, conferences, webinars, white papers.
  • One of your employees has recently passed the Matomo certification programme:

We will get in contact with you shortly with an answer.