How to Achieve Privacy-Friendly Web Analytics with Matomo

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Struggling with unreliable web analytics and multi-touch attribution data due to privacy regulations? The consequences of poor data can be costly, leading to ineffective campaigns, missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Join Evan Genest, Web Support Technician at Matomo, for this hands-on masterclass. In this interactive session, you’ll:

  • Learn how to set up cookieless tracking in Matomo for increased privacy and accuracy
  • Walk through the steps to create a goal and track your campaigns using campaign tracking URLs
  • See first-hand how Matomo’s multi-touch attribution feature works

This masterclass is a follow-along session designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to achieve reliable, accurate web analytics while respecting visitors’ privacy with Matomo.

Please note, if you’re not already a Matomo user, we recommend starting a free trial so you can follow along with Evan.

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Hands-On Masterclass: Mastering Privacy-Friendly Multi-Touch Attribution with Matomo

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