Healthcare providers carry a responsibility many can’t understand, figuring out how to best serve public needs

With Matomo you get the chance to learn more and gain a deeper understanding of your community. By understanding their patterns/behaviours through powerful insights you’ll be able to find out how to meet their needs and figure what is or is not working on the website.

Serving and providing the public with valuable information is of utmost importance for healthcare providers.

Analytics comes into play to help answer questions such as:

  • What are people looking for on the site?
  • What services are people most interested in?
  • Which area is getting the heaviest traffic and why?
  • How do people get the info they need and where do they go to find it?

In addition to that, healthcare websites need to place additional emphasis on security, user privacy and the safe-keeping of public data, all the while being GDPR compliant which Matomo offers.

Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide

"Ever since Online Nursing Programs began using Matomo (formerly Piwik) for analytics, we have never looked back! We traditionally used Google Analytics for visitor metrics, but were introduced to Piwik (Matomo) and found the features to be superior to Google’s software. Don’t get us wrong, Google’s free program is great and flexible, but we needed something that allowed us more customization and developers who added features at a rapid pace to give us the best webmaster experience."

         Source: Online Nursing Programs website – article Online Nursing Programs Loves Piwik

Why healthcare websites choose Matomo:

Conversion Optimization

Matomo’s tools help paint a picture of how well your site is doing in maintaining the attention of your visitors.

When sites are well optimised, your users can gain the most value out of all the information you’re providing to them. You get to find out what content (headlines, copy, layout of pages) connects with your visitor and just as importantly, what doesn’t connect and what distracts them leading to their abandonment of the site all together.

Conversion Optimization
Matomo privacy badge

Privacy, security and hosting On-Premise

For healthcare websites, respecting the privacy of your visitors is crucial, that’s why hosting On-Premise is often a preferred alternative to Cloud hosting – which is what you get from the majority of web analytics platforms. With Matomo On-Premise all the information coming through your website is hosted on your own servers and infrastructure meaning you are in complete control of your data.

Security is also a top priority at Matomo. As potential issues are discovered, we validate, patch and release fixes as quickly as we can. We have a security bug bounty program in place that rewards researchers for finding security issues and disclosing them to us.

100% data ownership

Matomo is essential to keeping user privacy and your important data safe as you own the data, no one else. This applies to both On-Premise and Cloud hosting options, which also gives you the flexibility to export your data at any time and change between hosting options whenever you please.

100% data ownership
Protecting pii

Comply with HIPAA standards by using Matomo Analytics

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) sets a standard for sensitive patient data protection. With Matomo On-Premise you can configure your analytics to be HIPAA compliant.

  • Anonymise data that may be considered any personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI)
  • Encrypt data to comply with HIPAA
  • Establish processes to delete, backup and restore encrypted PHI and Matomo database as needed
  • Host on your own servers so you have full control over the privacy of user data
Because Matomo can be customised to not collect PHI of your prospects, you can assuredly use the platform to track, analyse and optimise.

Intranet Analytics

Matomo Analytics lets you gain insights into how your Intranet content is accessed across your internal sites, so you can learn to improve the content and experience for your internal users and colleagues who have access to these sites. 

It provides an overview of traffic, general patterns and insights, as well as allowing you to drill down to visitor paths.

Analytics for internal sites
Log Analytics

Log Analytics

You can use server log analytics as an alternative method for tracking your website’s users if the Javascript tracking method isn’t feasible or if you need to comply with strict security policies as is often required in the healthcare industry.

Server log analytics provides companies and organisations with all the features of the Javascript tracking code method, but with a higher level of security and feasibility. It can be used for all kinds of purposes – from web analytics to intranet analytics, CRM and other platform-based analytics.


Matomo easily integrates with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Forums, Frameworks and more. This includes integration with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint and Moodle.

Roll-up reporting

Lets you combine multiple websites and apps into one view which makes reporting across multiple departments and agencies super convenient and efficient.

Roll-up reporting

Matomo's other recommendations​

Healthcare providers can look into:

GDPR Manager – Matomo offers an advanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Manager to ensure websites are fully compliant with the new regulation. As the GDPR continues to evolve, you can be assured that Matomo will be at the forefront of these changes to create a safer web experience for everyone.

Site Search –  to show what terms people are searching for most. This can help you figure out what visitors need help with most.

Downloads – what users are downloading off the website.

Outlinks – where users are clicking away from on the website.

Web analytics hosted on US cloud servers don’t comply with GDPR

"To continually improve our offer we use the open source web analytic software Matomo (formerly known as Matomo). With Matomo we can receive real time reports about, e.g., the number of visitors, the search machines and the search words used that lead users to our offer. This helps us to constantly optimize our offer and design it accordingly. In contrast to the web analysis tools of external providers, using Matomo offers you the advantage that the analysis is carried out by the Data Controller itself instead of by an external service provider. This means that none of your Personal Data used for Web Analysis (in particular your IP address) will be transmitted to third parties."

        Source: World Health Organization website – Privacy policy page.

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