Tracking the page scroll percentage in Matomo Tag Manager can be done using an Event using a specific trigger that was designed for exactly this purpose.

  1. Create a new tag.

  2. Select Matomo Analytics as the Tag Type

  3. Select the Tracking Type as Event with the Event Categories, Action and Name with your chosen values (For example using 50 for 50% vertical scroll depth):

  4. Next, scroll down and click Create a new trigger now

  5. Then scroll down and select Scroll Reach

  6. Rename the Trigger to your desired Scroll Percentage (50% in this example), set the Scroll Match Type to the type of scroll you want it to trigger at(Vertical in this example) and change the Percentage to the percentage you want this tag to fire at:

  7. Scroll down and click Create New Trigger, and then click Create New Tag.

  8. Publish the changes to your Matomo Tag Manager Container on your website.

  9. (Optional) Use the Matomo Tag Manager preview to test if the Tag is fired or not or go to your website to track your own visit and confirm that the Event is tracked in the Matomo Visit Log.

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully setup Matomo Tag Manager to track Scroll Percentage for your website.

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