A Tag Management System will offer your analytics infrastructure the following benefits:

  • Better management and control over your tags.
  • Higher security.
  • Code optimization.
  • Release IT from marketing code deployment.
  • Bring changes to the market faster.
  • Reduce cost in your organization.


Tag Management Systems are becoming a standard in analytics projects.

A TMS in some ways is like a “black box” containing all the tags on your website, if a visitor blocks the TMS script, it will block all the resources included within it.
In comparison to other tag manager solutions, the Matomo TMS is hosted on your website making it unlikely this scenario will happen and with Matomo there are various ways to avoid these problems.

TMS are highly powerful, by installing one you will probably give access to non-technical profiles who could in a couple of clicks break your website. As a result, you need to ensure that you manage user rights accordingly and that each user will have proper training. Additionally, you may want to disable Custom Templates.

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