If you have spent time creating custom dashboards, you may find that you want to share them with other members of your team or organisation. Sharing Custom Dashboards can provide your team with a central point of reference. It can also enable people from outside your team to easily review your team’s progress against key performance indicators.

How to Share Custom Dashboards With Other Users

Sharing Custom Dashboards is easy as long as you have Super User permissions within your Matomo instance. To share a dashboard that you have access to, follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Login to Matomo as a user with Admin or Super User Permissions.

  2. Access the Custom Dashboard you want to share via the Main Navigation under the Dashboard menu item. Select Dashboard

  3. Click the Dashboard menu button within the data selector section at the top of the page to load the Dashboard Menu. Dashboard Menu Button

  4. Within the Manage dashboard section of the menu, click the Copy dashboard to user link to launch the dashboard sharing popup. Dashboard Sharing Popup

  5. Select the Username you wish to receive the dashboard and click OK.

Once confirmed, the user you selected will now have access to your dashboard template and your exact set of widgets and layout.

Note: If you delete your original dashboard, it will only delete the dashboard in your own user account. Any changes you make to the dashboard won’t be reflected in other users’ dashboards, and the dashboards copied to other users will remain accessible to them.

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