Matomo Funnel reports include row evolution graphs so that you can see how their metrics have evolved over time. While on the funnel’s report page you will see the row evolution graph at the top of the page. The specific metric shown is labelled at the top left.

Funnel Row Evolution Graph

To select one or more other metrics for display, click or hover on the line chart icon Line Chart Icon next to the metric label. This will show you the other funnel metrics available including:

  • Funnel conversion rate
  • Funnel conversions
  • Funnel abandoned rate
  • Funnel entries
  • Funnel exits

Funnel Evolution Metrics

To view the evolution of a metric, please select the metric from the list. To remove it from the graph, uncheck the checkbox. It is also possible to select multiple metrics if you’d like to compare their performance over time.

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