Piwik 1.7.1 is a minor release, bringing one new feature and resolving a few bugs.

What’s new in Piwik 1.7.1?

  • The archive.php script now requires a new argument --url=http://your-website.com/path/to/piwik/
    The URL auto-detection was not working on all systems so we had to add this requirement. The Auto archiving script documentation has been updated.
    If you upgraded to Piwik 1.7 and are already using the new archive.php, please update your cron setup to add this parameter or the auto archiving will not run.
  • In all Piwik reports, you can now select the number of rows to display in the table. Piwik used to display 10 rows for most reports, but you can now change to 10, 25, 50, 250 or 500 rows at once. It even works in the Visitor Log!
    • If you change the number of rows to display in any of your Dashboard’s widget, the setting will be saved and restored the next time you access your dashboard.

  • The Referrers reports (Keywords & Search engines, Websites, Campaigns) now display 25 rows by default (instead of 10).
  • We fixed a few more bugs (see below), and a few regressions introduced in 1.7

This new version does not contain major database schema changes, so the update should be quite easy even if your Piwik DB is enormous.

After You Update

  • Please use the forums for support.
  • We really appreciate if you can spread the word about Piwik on your twitter, blog, website, to your friends, at conferences, etc.
    Thank you!

List of 15 tickets closed in Piwik 1.7.1

  • #2461 UI: Selector to choose how many rows to display, in each report footer
  • #2967 archive.php should require the piwik hostname as a parameter
  • #2961 archive.sh and archive.php are brokenn with force_ssl
  • #2943 issue in archive.php when calling over https
  • #2944 Performance regression in tracker for high traffic website
  • #2972 Dashboard widget layout resets to default layout unexpectedly
  • #2975 Goals conversion by “referrer type” does not credit “Direct entry”
  • #2950 Email reports sent with web cron are not sent in the user language
  • #1590 Check that chmod commands are given when auto update missing permissions
  • #2953 MultiSites Plugin API: String typecast does not invoke magical __toString method for PHP < 5.2.0
  • #2960 Opt-Out does not fallback to English when language is invalid
  • #2954 PHP 5.1.6 bug: Fatal error: Cannot access self:: when no class scope is active in core/API/Proxy.php on line 326
  • #2941 Warning: getimagesize(plugins/UserSettings/images/os/Others.gif) failed to open stream
  • #2940 deprecate enable_framed_logins
  • #2939 Metadata – “Actions – Main metrics” – value is false instead of 0