– ADDED Belarusian (by Fat Cow), Lithuanian language (from Donatas Stonys)
– UPDATED Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai languages
– FIXED #794 Updated swfobject
– FIXED #839 JSON Parse error passing floats when set_range() expects ints
– FIXED #843 PHP 5.3 compatibility
– FIXED #809 Fixed Notice in archiving (guard against empty archive ID list)
– FIXED #828 Piwik uses Zend_Session / Zend_Session_Namespace
– FIXED #848 updated PclZip to v2.8
– FIXED #849 updated and added missing flag images
– FIXED #803 removed unnecessary require_once from core, plugins now that autoloader is implemented
– FIXED #865 unix_socket supported
– FIXED #745 Page names are recorded but if a “/0/” if in the URL it is removed
– FIXED #768 restore the noscript call in the javascript tracking code
– FIXED #852 disabled ActiveX plugin detection in IE
– FIXED #856 updated PEAR HTML_Common from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5, HTML_QuickForm from 3.2.8 to 3.2.10.
– FIXED #857 Added Silverlight and Google Gears detection
– FIXED #842 Now computing the real number of unique visitors per month and week
– FIXED #824 Archiving bug with deeply nested action urls in some rare cases
– FIXED #816 small inconsistency in javascript tracking API for the setXClasses method (see updated javascript API)
– FIXED #875 JavaScript error with IE6 and navigator.javaEnabled as rvalue
– FIXED #831 Patching archive.sh for other names of php-binaries than “php5”
– ADDED a few search engines

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