Announcing Piwik 0.6.1 as a follow up release to 0.6, adding a feature very often requested (exclude visits via a cookie) and fixing a couple bugs reported by 0.6 users.

New features

  • Exclude your visits via a cookie
  • Page URLs and Page titles reports table are now sortable, like other tables in Piwik

Tickets closed in this milestone

  • #42 Plugin to exclude the webmaster based on a cookie
  • #487 Data tables under Actions menu not sortable
  • #1118 Pie charts should always contain a catch-all “Others” element
  • #1260 Widget VisitsSummary (getEvolutionGraph) doesn’t work with token_auth
  • #1328 PHP 5.1.x Notice: Object of class Piwik_Date to string conversion
  • #1330 Zend Framework 1.10.4 maintenance update
  • #1336 Fatal error: Call to private method Piwik_Common::getFirstIpFromList()
  • #1337 Create .htaccess files at runtime
  • #1338 piwik shows erroneous future visitor(s) in by hour graph